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Model: advken-dominator-black
Advken Dominator [Black]..
Model: advken-dominator-rainbow
Advken Dominator [Rainbow]..
Model: advken-dominator-stainless
Advken Dominator [Stainless]..
Model: advken-gorge-rda-black
Advken Gorge RDA [Black]..
Model: advken-manta-rta-black
Advken Manta RTA [Black]..
Model: advken-manta-rta-gold
Advken Manta RTA [Gold]..
Model: advken-manta-rta-silver
The ADVKEN Manta RTA is a 2ml well built RTA. It features a dual post deck with four screws, which makes it easy to build on, so it will be welcomed by those DIY enthusiasts. At the bottom there are 6 large adjustable airflow holes, so leave it wide open if you like your clouds or just knock it down..
Model: sp114581-black
Advken Ziggs RDA [Black]..
Model: sp114581-green
Advken Ziggs RDA [Green]..
Model: advken-ziggs-rda-silver
Advken Ziggs RDA [Silver]..
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